Class Visits & Collaboration


Teachers may sign up to use library spaces and collaborate with the Teacher Librarian using the calendars below. You are always welcome to contact the Teacher Librarian ( for assistance with bookings and preparation.
  • Library (Back Room) Calendar
    • Open for class visits during Periods 1-7. Please talk with Ms. Sannwald if visiting during her off-duty periods, 5 and 7. She prioritizes class visits and will gladly make adjustments to accommodate collaboration.
    • Tables, accommodating up to 40 students
    • Teacher iMac workstation with document camera and projector
  • Library (Main Area) Calendar
    • Closed for class visits during Periods 1, 6, and 7 due to the high volume of drop-in students
    • Tables, accommodating up to ~70 students
    • 6 Chromeboxes, 4 iMacs
    • Teacher may project content to 60" library television via AppleTV from supported devices. NOTE: Coordinate setup beforehand with librarian and/or technology specialist.
Click here for additional information on how to use Google Calendar for booking and to also access calendars for reserving other computer labs.


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To collaborate with the Teacher Librarian, simply reach out by phone (95-60461), email (, or in person to make arrangements prior to your class visit. Let's talk!

NOTE: The Teacher Librarian works Periods 1-6 (NOTE: Generally closed the first 30 minutes of Period 5 since staff works during the student lunch period), and so full services are available during these periods. For assistance during Periods 5 and 7, simply coordinate with the Teacher Librarian beforehand.